Intuitive payroll application


Edit and generate the complete payroll with fields for additions, deductions, per diem, cash advances and bonus producing payslips for the entire crew at once.

Detailed payslips

Comprehensive leave section, calculating automatically leave days accrued and updating the leave balance accordingly. Crew members can access their payslips with their DEEP Blue login.

Comply with MLC regulations

Cover the entire workflow of human resources management respecting the international seafarer employment regulations.

Generate a working schedule for all crew members in one click

Captains and officers can edit working schedule using three pre-set modes:

Each crew member can declare their hours of work and rest and digitally sign at the end of each month.

View and control absences through a shared HRM calendar

Leave requests [Annual Leave | Rotation | Training | Sick | Etc]

Captains and managers can rapidly approve leave requests posted by crew members, which can include comments and supporting documents.>p