A professional accounting module with easy-to-use functionalities. 

  • Control Yacht & Crew daily expenses.
  • Compare with available budgets.
  • Obtain approvals from Management & Owner.
  • Save time by editing professional & detailed financial reports in 1 click.

 Analytical accounting for Yearly Budgets and daily expenses with intuitive financial tools.

  • Custom access permissions by position & role.
  • Real-time visibility on the yacht budget & expenses.
  • Yacht bank accounts & crew cash & cards accounts in any currency.
  • Reconciliation tools for accountants.
  • Selection of consolidated reports with budget comparison.

Enter all the Yachts expenses & incomes in real time and attach receipts/invoices

  • Monitor expenses in real-time.
  • Attach receipts, invoices by drag and drop or using the phone, tablet camera.
  • Check remaining budgets.
  • Respect procurement process and obtain approvals.

Generate consolidated analytical Financial Reports for defined periods

  • Select your financial reports and level of details among a pre-formatted list.
  • Monitor expenses by suppliers & amounts.
  • Select the exchange rates system for foreign currencies.