Control yacht operations with your user customised dashboard

Users can personalise their dashboard to display relevant information linked to their position from any device connected to the internet or onboard server.

To work offline, please refer to DEEP Blue Sync.


Define custom permissions for each crew member

Managers and captains can define permissions to an unlimited number of users, depending on their position and responsibilities.

House all the vital documentation for the crew, yacht and technical information

Organise in a custom data structure and classify documents under International Standards.

Track validity dates of documents with an intuitive colour code indicator. Document alerts appear on the dashboard to quickly draw your attention to missing documents or required renewals.

Manage Crew and Guest lists easily

Edit in few clicks your IMO format crew and guests lists keeping all lists’ history from previous years.

Guests lists detail all guest preferences for the chef and interior team.

Shared calendar to track various events:

• Meetings
• Document expiry
• Yacht location
• Charters
• Other custom events