This year, and particularly during March, we are doing several training for INSEIT Training Center.

As part of the speakers, we train Captains 200GT and 500GT on management courses.

In fact, we collaborated with a large number of yacht managers, so that enable us to expose concrete situations to the learners.

We are going deep through Deep Blue Soft Modules while giving daily examples from Captains workload:

First of all, we initiate the training session with the Finance Module. This one explains how to manage analytical accounting, annual budget and reporting to owner. Indeed, a Captain owns a budget, and at the end of the year the owner must ask the accounting balance.

Moving forward, we speak about Human Resources Management, knowing how to create working schedules, taking care of MLC rules. But also, hours of rest, leaving days and monthly payroll’s edition.

Then, part of the chief engineer role on-board, Captain must know how to define Maintenancetask. Assigning for example a one-off task to the first engineer due at a D-Day. Log Book data ingress is also an important responsibility, linked to Equipment list and Spare Part Kits definition. Chief Engineer may have to manage that all items are available in urgency.

And because, Yacht Maintenance is huge and tricky, it brings the added value to the yacht. That is why; a Captain has to be able to export reporting from all the maintenance done from years.

After all, daily workload may pass through Crew and Guest Lists edition, done in general by the Chief Hostess. As well, shared calendar between crew to know the special events and people available on-board.

Finally, the Charter management is essential, knowing that a separate accounting model for APA is recommended for each charter.

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